Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some of the fruits of our Verdant Gathering. First, a thanks to folks for coming over to our teeny abode a couple of weeks back to have a nice, little time, and learn a few things.

The teachers at this particular gathering were Kari (of the Erratic Sewer and also Nomad Hiker), her sister Lisa, Abby of This Old Blog, and my sister Liz.

Liz taught how to make a great clotheswashing soap that is both much cheaper, and probably less harsh, than stuff one buys at the store. It also made our house smell nice and clean.

Abby taught folks how to make beautiful paper,
like the ones seen here:
Isn't that neat? Though I didn't get to see the process, personally, I do know it involves a blender, some recycled paper, coloring (food?), and a press made from wood and screen. It came out really nice, and will make some very personalized invitation cards.

Throughout the day, Kari and Lisa taught how to make jams, with a demonstration by making a strawberry-brandy, and also a strawberry-plum-apricot that tastes like it should be candy (and I may try to figure out how to make a candy from it).

I didn't offer anything to teach, but I did get to show off my less-than-stellar garden, and also my three beautiful ducks, who have grown considerably since the picture taken at the top...

I believe they are at around 9 weeks, and are as big as they'll ever be.

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