Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Verdant Gathering (pics to come soon)

Just a quick post to say that I haven't fallen completely off the blog world. Last weekend, we hosted our first party around crafts and such, and had a wonderful turnout! I'll post more later tonight...

Also, we had a quick scare last week, when the ducks turned up missing. However, after some frantic-ness on my part (I was at work and had my lovely wife come and pick me up so I could go looking), they were sitting right in the middle of the yard when I showed up. Juvenile ducks, just trying to scare us, I suppose.

Last, I started a batch of nocino and another attempt at a green walnut ketchup recipe, as I didn't take care of my first batch, and I noticed that it had started growing something on its own. That I'll turn into walnut wood stain (no joke).

So, pictures tonight of the party and various experiments!

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