River Nature Tours and Conference Out

© 2012 Joshua Stark
Back by in hopes of popular demand!  After a few years off, I'm again offering tours of Sacramento's local river systems, including parts of the Delta, the Lower American and Feather rivers.

Tours run three to five hours in length, and include basic paddle instruction for canoes and kayaks and basic river touring techniques (avoiding hazards, put-in/take-out, "reading" a river for paddling and fishing), as well as wildlife and plant interpretation.

But, the main purpose is to get you out in the water, enjoying our beautiful rivers and delta the best way I know, by paddling.

Paddling offers a way to experience these rivers unlike any other.  With no engine noise and no exhaust, our boats get you into places with little impact, where the opportunity to see some beautiful wildlife becomes certain.  If you've only heard stories of deer just off downtown Sacramento, here is your chance to come out and see them.  On a typical trip, we often encounter herons, egrets, beavers, and river otters, along with the occasional osprey and kite.

These rivers are slow and safe (no whitewater!), and provide the chance to both learn a valuable and fun skill-set, and take in our local beauty.

If you are interested in booking an informal tour, please feel free to email me.


Have you ever found yourself in the basement of a hotel, trying to pay attention while people discuss the fate of your company or organization, and wondered, "why here?"  Have you also wandered along a beautiful river trail, your mind drifting in and out of the great, beautiful trees and meandering water, ideas flowing over you, and thought, "I need to write these down!"

Sacramento is blessed with an amazing, wild stretch right through town, with park after park accompanied by an accommodating, easy, beautiful river.  Why not conference out, instead?

Email me, and arrange your company or organization's next in-service or conference on the river.  Accommodations can include a short paddle trip or guided nature walk, along with amenities like food and sun-shades.

Stop meeting in drab, windowless spaces with no inspiration.  Conference Out!