Saturday, July 25, 2009

Getting back on the blog horse

After a few weeks off, I'm trying to get back into regular posting.

So here are some notes on gardening:
Duck water (what my brother-in-law refers to as "nutrient-rich water") is an amazing product on the garden. If only I could bottle it... okay, that's gross, but really, most of my vegetable garden plants look absolutely gorgeous...
with the two notable exceptions of leafy greens, which the ducks have completely wiped out, and the cucumber, which, though large and flowering, still wilts in the Sun. I doubt I'll get cukes this year, either, but I'm trying a few things. First, I'm feeding it potting soil fairly regularly. Second, I'm removing a number of flowers, the idea being that the plant can put its energy into growing fruit. We'll see.

The first crop of corn, planted too early, has died out (and only grew about three feet tall, too). The second planting is receiving healthy doses of duck water, and is responding very vigorously, as are the beans, planted at the same time. My sweet 100 and pear tomato fruits are gargantuan, and those two plants are not only huge, but also poorly placed. Next year, I will move them to the Northeast side of the garden.

Which brings me to my last observation: I have learned a ton this year, even though my harvests have been tiny (except in tomatoes). Next year, I know how I will trellis my pole beans, I know where I'll place things, I know how I will build my raised beds (pretty high, as ducks have long necks). I have a whole new idea about soil, and I have a great watering system, which I'll write about later. I know a lot more about season (don't be fooled by warm weather in February). I started off the earlier harvest disappointed in my garden, but the last couple of weeks I have realized how much of a learning process this is, and I feel much better about it.

Also, my tomatoes are huge.

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