Sunday, May 31, 2009

What did I just eat?!?

Last week, I caught my first American shad on the American river (you can read that story at my Enviroethics blog). Right now, the cleaned fish is in our freezer, awaiting the day I will have enough time to either have built a smoker from Alton Brown's idea, or enough courage to try Hank Shaw's inspired honegiri method for taking care of the bones.

However, I did try a recipe from John McPhee's book "Founding Fish." Really, it wasn't a recipe, as much as, "roll it in some flour, salt and pepper it, and fry it like an egg." And American shad are known for their eggs, called roe. But I caught a buck shad, so no roe.

Yep, I ate that.

Shad milt. And it was good, although the consistency was a tad too reminiscent of fried eggs for my taste. Actually, it was a bit anticlimactic, as it tasted like really, really good, subtle fish, and nothing else. Actually, as far as a fish taste goes, it was just about perfect.

I'll eat more in the future, I'm sure, and if people can get over the idea, and if they like egg consistency (which most do), then this is a great meal, a special meal.

Can you do it?

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