Monday, May 18, 2009

The first real harvest (and another first)

We cut a serving's worth of swiss chard a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, it quickly wilted in the fridge even in water, so next time I'll remember to cut the chard when we are going to eat it that day. These will get turned into compost and give our ducks reason to jump into the pool today.

I included the purple shears and the "Vegetable Gardener's Bible" in this picture because the shears were used in the harvest (a nice pair that fits my wife), and the book has been my staple for planting my garden this year. Hopefully, when the ducks start laying eggs, I'll get a picture with them and "Five Acres and Independence", which was helpful in getting me to try livestock.

And speaking of livestock: Yesterday the ducklings took to the pool. It took them quite a while, and 100 degree temperatures, but after putting some cabbage on the step to the edge of the pool, and then some cabbage and dandelion greens into the pool water, they reeeeached out their necks to get as many as they could, drank a bit, and then... one of 'em dove in like an olympic swimmer! Straight under the water, and then around and around the pool, completely submerged, with her legs stuck straight out behind her! Then the other two jumped in, and that, as they say, was that. Our ducks love water, and were in the pool yesterday for hours. Today I'll get some pictures of them.

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