Friday, April 20, 2012

Posts I've neglected as of late

© 2012 Joshua Stark

While playing with my kids and my new dog, painting the kitchen, visiting long-unseen relatives and driving all over town, here are some posts I've worked on and thought up but haven't finished:

I took my nephew on his first-ever hunt where he could shoot (last January he passed his hunters' safety course - and so did his mom, my sister);

My new friend and brewer Matt brewed up a few bottles of nettle beer, and we discovered that one can squeeze a lemon out of a nettle;

Agnes' herb garden is growing, with additions of lemon balm, cilantro, garlic and lavender, and we are looking for herb suggestions (legal ones, of course);

My slug battle has heated up, and I'd love to find a cure that doesn't cost as much as patented prescription drugs.

In other garden news, the first sprouts have sprung up in the Summer vegetable bed, and the potato patch has come alive, thankfully with potato leaves.  Also, the orange tree and boysenberry are blooming, and the walnut has lost a ton of tiny (about 1/4") walnuts.

Last, every third Saturday of April, Kiene's Fly Fishing puts on their annual Expo in honor of trout season opening the following Saturday.  I've missed it the past couple of years, but hope to stop by there Saturday morning to say hi and to let some travel fly-fishing fellas about Hippo's resort, and how they'd better get out there before he catches all the fish

So, lots going on here.


Hippo said...

I need to get myself a fly rod and kit and give it a go. Here we either beach cast and ledger, or we troll lures behind a boat. The locals use nets. That's OK as they are subsistence fishing but it is a no no for sport fishing.

I am off to look at the link you gave in your post...

By the way, my walnuts are pretty small too these days. Must be getting old.

Hippo said...

I had a good look at Kiene's site.

Do me a favour, josh, and when you are there, ask them for advice on the sort of tackle I would need to go after Tarpon in the estuary and Dourado and kingfish out at sea.

Josh said...

Fly rodding is fun, no doubt about it. However, it is a ridiculously expensive sport, if you want anything of quality; I don't mean top-of-the-line, either.

I'll definitely get you the advice you seek.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


my dad had great success in his slug war using half grapefruit peels, and buried cans with a little beer left in the bottom also work well


Josh said...

SBW, What did he do with the grapefruit peels?

I'm trying to keep the new puppy out of the garden beds, and I think beer would just encourage two bad habits.

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