Saturday, April 14, 2012

I got a dog! I got a dog!

© 2012 Joshua Stark

So... I got a dog.

Some kind of spaniel mix
The rescue place (yeah, so what?) that sold her to me calls her Freckles, but Phoebe and I are pretty set on Rocio, with Rosie for short.  Agnes (my lovely wife) still likes Freckles, and it sure would be fun to step out onto the field and call out, "Freckles, hunt 'em up!  Hunt 'em up, Freckles!"  Ah well, we shall see.

Anyhoo, she's about five months old, has all her shots, and is all nose about the world - something I love.  I also love that she plopped right over on her back for my kids - although she's too scared to do that for me, yet. 

In fact, she's taken to the kids and wife pretty well - a cruel irony if there ever was one.  Today, though, I get her to myself for a while, as I prepare to paint the kitchen. 

I've been poking around a number of hunting dog websites, just in case, but I'm going to go slowly with her.  She's scared of me (following me around the house right now, but if I look at her, she has to walk away).

I wonder what the night will bring.


Hippo said...

Congratulations Mate! I know the dog saga was busting you up. Don't forget that Dog was a real scared dog when I got her. You only had to look at her and she pissed herself with fright and now she is a lovely confident dog. As to getting her tied to you, try that old trick I use of making a bed for her with the clothes you had been wearling that day. It works an absolute treat.

You never said what you thought of the teaser of my book I posted, 'How to make a million and lose it in only two years'. It is fiction based on fact and is about a young Army officer who gets into the cocaine trade in the early 80's. I haven't yet decided whether it will have a happy ending or not, let's just see how it goes as I write it!

Josh said...

Thanks, Hippo! I did put the clothes down for her in her dog-box (crate, kennel, whatever they call it, it was ridiculously expensive), and I think it was a hit. She's still nervous of me this morning, of course, but since it's just me and her, and I'm showing her around her new place, she's doing much better.

Frankly, I wasn't sure it was fiction, and I didn't want to encourage you to ultimately write something that would have the Belizan police dredging up old warrants. Also, I've been busy with dog and kitchen prep. for painting today. You'll get my comments very soon, for sure!

Mr. Fashion House said...

Huzzah! Any update? How are the rest of the family reacting to having a new dog?

Josh said...

Phoebe is a changed girl, Mr. House! She is far, far less afraid of her, she feeds her and pets her. It is amazing, and a lot faster than I was expecting.

Ruben loves her and follows her around for awhile, and then does other stuff, too. After all, he does have a daily list of things he isn't supposed to do, to do.

Agnes is changed, too (shh!). She said, "I think she should stay inside more." I'm tickled pink - now I've got a puppy warming my feet under the computer desk as I write!

Mr. Fashion House said...

That is great news, particularly the part about Phoebe taking to her. I was thinking the other day that a puppy might be the way to go, so that Phoebe had that experience of taking care of something small and harmless. This dog seems like a good compromise on that.

Lois B said...

What a wonderful addition to your family. I'm glad to hear its working out.