Tuesday, November 23, 2010


© 2010  Joshua Stark

Having been blessed with some large logs from our giant redwood, I've a question out there for you all:  What can we do with it?  We are going to make wreaths from the boughs, and we are open to other ideas for the wood/bark. 

In related news, I'm trying, again, to make a bow.  Here's what I'll be working with:

Having never successfully made a bow, I hold no illusions.  But, I'll try - and I'll keep you all posted.


Gary Thompson said...

My father and I made a rocking chair, a chest of drawers, and a bed frame from some cherry wood trees we cut down on our farm when I was a boy. He was gifted with tools and patient with instruction. My wife rocks our daughter to sleep in the chair every night and we sleep in the bed.

The best marital advice I can give: never buy a bed larger than a double.

If you haven't already, get the wood to a drying room post haste and then stacked properly if you plan on making furniture from it.

Josh said...

See, now that's the kind of optimistic, over-the-top kind of suggestion that will have me curled up in the fetal position, sucking my thumb...

I'm not that good, I don't have the tools or space. However, it is a great, wonderful story, and something I am shooting for over time.

By the way, thanks for stopping in! I like your blog, too.

Mr. Fashion House said...

Josh, if you have some tool which will allow you to rip the redwood down the middle, you could use it as boards for a planter box.

And very excited about the board bow. What wood do you have this time?

Josh said...

Mr. Fashion House, that's a good idea! I can rip the wood with my bandsaw (it's a 10" Ryobi table saw, the floor model at Lowe's, and it didn't have all the parts with it). They won't be straight cuts, since I cannot yet afford to buy the pieces to tune that saw yet, but that'll be okay.