Saturday, August 21, 2010

My new digs here

© 2010 Joshua Stark

Well, I've been poking around here for a bit, trying to get it in order and presentable, and I must confess, it is because I've been invited to speak at the BlogHer Food '10 Conference.  There is nothing like the threat of publicity to get one's rear in gear.

So with this in mind, please let me know what works and what doesn't work considering my changes and content.  I originally intended this site as a place to bounce off a few ideas and keep some notes for my expanding attempts at gardening, and later, raising laying ducks.  Now, I'm moving it up a few notches.

One thing I'd like to offer are a few recipes.  I'm no cook nor chef, but I put together a few things now and again, and I'm pretty good at running down fine, easy-to-use recipes from the internet.

I will continue my experiments with nocino, and I'll provide a page dedicated to this great drink and its amazing offspring, the Thrifty Italian.

I will also blog more about my canning and preserving experiences.

Last year, I set a goal for my family garden/ducks/"orchard": one meal per week completely from our place.  It has yet to come to fruition, but I'm confident the theory is sound, and I hope to start hitting this mark as soon as practicable.  I'm also including barter and gift-foods from the likes of Hank & Holly, as we do provide some surplus products, in particular eggs from the three sisters:

So help out as you like by offering suggestions, answers to my questions, and questions of your own.  Are you interested in urban farming/homesteading?  Are you interested in dabbling with ducks?  Do you have a desire to try new things in the dirt, or learn new things about your neighborhood?  Please stop on by and share.

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