Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Fruits of Labor

© 2009 Joshua Stark

A great thing about learning to can, preserve, husband animals, and make things is that, when the holidays roll around, you can reach into the shelf, cabinet, duck-house or 'fridge and grab something that you took time to make, that is delicious and healthy and comes from the heart, and give it with love and goodwill to somebody who will appreciate it. You also don't have to stand in line so long, or spend a ton of money (so long as you consciously avoid calculating the hours it took).

I called my sister yesterday to ask about babysitting, and the first thing she did was gush about the elderberry preserves I gave her for Christmas. That was a nice feeling.

As part of my resolutions, I'm planning to make more things and forage more, and also to write more, including at this blog. So, stay tuned. I hope to come around more often.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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