Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stuff I've learned

Just a quick compilation of ideas for next year, before I forget them:

1. Pole beans climb well on river reed, just keep the smaller branches on the reed;
2. Pole beans climb well on corn, but make sure you plant the corn at the right time, and use slower growing corn, so it won't die out well before the beans;
3. Re-grade the whole garden to allow for better water flow;
4. Raised beds!;
5. Have a pile of soil for mounding that is easily available;
6. Tomatoes go on the NorthEast side of the garden.

Good for now.

On another note, my ducks have so completely and effectively eaten bugs in our backyard, that they are having more trouble foraging, and are now eating more of the food we buy them. What they have left are what look like leafhoppers, and houseflies, and I think it's because those two are too fast for them. A glance at our porch light at night reveals the brutal effectiveness of our three ducks. Almost nothing comes to flutter at the light...


Rebecca said...

Too bad ducks can't eat squirrels...I kid.

Josh said...

Don't kid, that would be awesome. I've considered falconry, but if I could get the ducks to perch on my arm...