Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blackberry season

We spent last Sunday visiting my parents in Isleton, my home town. Well, come early evening, I was out on the back road with my plastic bag, staining my hands and cutting my forearms on blackberry thorns. I came back with a few pounds, or about $20 worth of blackberries, for less than an hour's work, and last night both my wife and I went crazy on desserts. I made what would have been a blackberry cobbler, but I forgot both the cinnamon and the baking powder, so it became a cut-up blackberry gyro. My wife made blackberry muffins, which were some kind of special. They are deep, dark muffins, sweet and juicy when you hit a berry (in just about every bite), and the ginger she used perfectly complemented the blackberries. It was amazing.

I'm thinking of planning a catfishing trip with Hank the great cook and equally good shot, and if I pull it off, it will definitely start early evening, at my favorite berry patch.


Rebecca said...

Yum! I was hoping to turn some blackberries into jam before our trip, but I'm not sure I'll have time. Maybe I'll just pick and freeze them and then cook them when we get back.

Josh said...

You can also make vinegar, a'la your suggestion to me for green walnuts. I've used a blackberry vinegar in a great bison recipe.