Sunday, March 2, 2014

General updates around the house (or, of irons and fire)

Something to keep me coming back to blogging, and while I work on a larger piece on hunting planted birds at a club with an armed 12 year-old, here are some updates to my house and garden work:

-My friendship with Hank and Holly continues to pay dividends -- in the past two weeks we've had roast duck, duck legs and dumplins, and duck coconut milk soup.  Soon, I expect my children to start quacking.

-I realized, while thinking about making spaetzle for the first time but just making dumplings, instead, that chicken and dumplins (or in this case, duck and dumplins) are basically fat, Okie noodles.

-We've had quite a bit of rainy weather, but I've still been able to work up the nerve to glue up a handle and recurve tips for what I hope will become my wife's flatbow.

-I've also picked up a very old project I've put off for far too long:  my in-laws knives.  I used a Dremel tool and a grinder to design some knife blades a number of years ago, but never could get good enough with gluing up and carving the handles.  Well, last week I took out the old odd pieces of hardwood I'd been carrying along with me picked out the chunk of purpleheart, cut it and glued it. It was quite a morale booster.

-Last and most definitely not least, we picked up some plants for the garden:  tomatoes, garlic, onions, strawberries, a bell pepper and some marigolds.

Soon, I hope to hammer out a great story of my adventures with the armed 12 year-old.

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