Saturday, February 25, 2012

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If you haven't noticed, I've got a couple of additional pages (linked right below the title up there) for your perusal.

If you have ever been interested in using green walnuts... then, sadly, you are very much like me.  Anyhoo, feel free to visit my Green Walnuts page.  I've got quite a few recipes for those that get knocked out of the tree early by your friendly neighborhood squirrels. 

I also have a link to my "Lands on the Margin" writings.  It's still a bit under construction, but over there you can find my love for those little (and big) chunks of land that tend to get ignored, but that have much to offer (foraging, hunting, fishing, and just living).  As I organize my thoughts, I'll put together my experiences, advice and recommendations for adventuring in these great places.

Last, I've reposted my River Nature Tours page, with an addition:  I now offer services for companies and organizations looking for more inspiring places to conduct conferences and in-service meetings.  If you are interested, check out the idea here and then email me for more information.

I would especially appreciate feedback from readers.  Let me know what you think works, what doesn't work, and what you might like to see (or read) that I may be able to provide.  Thanks!


Hippo said...

I'd love to take your Sacramento River tour.

It looks like you and me are building up to provide the same sort of service only continents apart.

As we said in Angola all through the war,

A Luta Continua, Vitoria e Certa

The fight continues, victory is certain.

They had another, much simpler expression, 'Forca!'

It means Courage.

It's an ace idea. Just go for it.

Josh said...

Thanks a ton, Hippo. In Spanish, our motto is: La lucha es la gloria, the struggle is the glory.

That said, I greatly appreciate "Forca!", as I'm scared stupid right now, and waver constantly. And I don't even have malaria!