Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ducks are leaving us - what will we get next?

© 2011 Joshua Stark

We've decided to give the ducks to Phillip Farms in Lodi.  They stopped laying about six months ago, and after a conversation with the decisionmaker in these matters (hint:  she is four years old), we will send them off, take a little time to be with Irma (our old dog), and then think about a new pet (probably a cat or a dog; I refuse to take in something that won't also benefit the house, and if we won't eat the rabbits, then we won't raise the rabbits... and, who are we kidding?  We won't eat the rabbits).

Considering the squirrel and rat problem created by the gigantic walnut tree, I've thought about a four-pet commando team:  A ferret (under-house), a cat (yard, water-heater room, shed), an owl (nighttime tree-rats), and a martin (daytime squirrels).  Whaddaya think?

More seriously, if we do look for a dog, it'll have to be happy-go-lucky, and medium build (no smaller than ~20lbs., no bigger than ~40lbs.)  Also, I won't buy a dog.  And, it needs to hunt.  And love kids.

So, if you know of any kind of rescue group for some hunting dog breeds, or if you know of a good pound, let us know. 

And yes, the ducks are actually going someplace to really live on a farm.  This may be the first time that's ever happened.

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