Saturday, September 24, 2011


© 2011 Joshua Stark

Today, my youngest turns one year old.  His was a difficult birth, and I find myself reflecting on that day, watching my wife get wheeled into the operating room after enduring hours upon hours of 'transition' labor. 

But, my boy is insistent, and keeps pulling me back into the here-and-now with his antics and a yell.  He is a force of nature, to be sure.  He is smart, and learning every day.

Although, the ease with which he would put a live cobra in his mouth, if he could reach one, makes me marvel at the fact that our species has survived at all.  The boy is making it on looks, alone -- left to his own devices, he'd have eaten an electrical wire or a poisonous spider by now.

So I'm home today, baking a cake from scratch, wrapping a present, driving the family to the river parkway, and not out on opening day of deer season.  There's no doubt about where I want to be (here). 

I do hope he likes to deer hunt one day, however. 

Happy birthday, Ruben!!!


Gary Thompson said...

Spectacular! I'm sure he will like deer hunting. It has all the standard man danger attractors, guns, knives, cooking with fire. Deer camp...there's noting like it. Well...maybe elk camp.

Josh said...

I remember deer camp. Right now, I'm lucky to get a deer morning.

Your "man danger attractors" is spot-on, man. I do hope he likes it.

As for elk camp, I've never had the pleasure, but I'd sure love to ride into the backcountry for a week and try it out!

Hippo said...

Sorry I was late picking this one up Josh.

Best regards to you all. So Ruben is one year old. He'll be running before long and dropping his own deer in no time.

Josh said...

Hippo, glad you are still out there! Thanks for stopping by.

John Going Gently said...

I am not a hunter but have nejoyed the blog and its sentiments