Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Again with the quick comments

© 2011 Joshua Stark

Man-oh-man, it is hard to get back on the blogging horse.  I'm trying, though.

A quick update on my urban agrarian "stuff" (that's my articulate English for you right now):

Last week, we lost a duck.  Our first loss, she was found lying in the duck run, not a scratch on her.  Not naming them doesn't make it any easier - and, our 4-year old daughter named her posthumously, anyway.  So, we said good-bye to Sarah.  I still miss her.

Just prior to that, our dog, Irma, suffered what I was sure to be a life-ending stroke - but which the vet described as "old-dog vestibular syndrome."  Basically, they get extremely dizzy for a couple of weeks, but get better.  the sweetheart is slowly recovering.

I've built a first iteration of a fence for the raised beds, which the two remaining ducks quickly overcame.  I will now build something more robust - more river reed!  Working with round pieces, though free, is more cumbersome than working with flat or squared pieces.  Perhaps I should split the reed... I knew I wrote in this blog for a reason (that just came to me)!

And last Saturday, we bought a used Toyota Prius, which will save us a significant amount of gas money.  It was also fun to calculate our new carbon footprint over at coolcalifornia.org.

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