Thursday, March 17, 2011

New UN report: Sustainable ag. can double world food production

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Except for my blog posts suffering, I'm very glad I have work.  That said, thank you all who check in with me from time to time. 

Still no nettle video, yet - it is hard to get our schedules arranged, what with three kids between the two families, plus work. 

This quick post is a link to the great folks at PANNA; specifically, it's a blog post about a United Nations report on how we can feed the world:  through agroecological farming.

Of course, my favorite line:
"In Japan, China, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines, farmers are integrating ducks and fish into rice systems and enjoying benefits of natural insect and weed control, improved nutrient cycling, reduced labor needs and extra animal protein for families."

Thanks to Mr. Fashion House for pointing out that this isn't a recent integration for these communities.  However, modern practices greatly inform the methods and manners; we aren't talking about throwing back to the "good ol' days", we are talking about using scientific methods to better understand and relate to locales, and in in doing so, to double production.


Jamie Cameron said...

my wife and I are weighing the pros and cons between keeping ducks vs. chickens. I'm gonna have to pick your brain when the time comes.

Josh said...

The pickins are slim, but pick away!