Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Friends' blogs and sites

© 2011 Joshua Stark

You'll notice the addition of a few sites to my blog list over on the side there.  I just thought I'd mention the who/what/where of 'em.  In no particular order then:

This Old Blog
Two good friends, one of whom is a darn good videographer (see the good work she can make out of some poor content here), have a nice blog up about, "the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of owning our first home."  It's got nice recipes, good tips on home improvement, and a fun vibe.

Annie MacHale is the real deal.  If you take a look at that video I linked above, in fact, you'll see some of her wonderful work - the strap to my pickin' basket.  That strap will eventually become my 30-30's gun sling, because it is the only thing I've found to be beautiful and soulful enough to adorn it.
Those two words describe her work.  Annie spins yarn and weaves straps and other things, and they all have a great look and feel to them.  She can occasionally be found at mountain man rendezvouses, and also prowling the visitor centers of the various state parks of Santa Cruz, where she manages their gift centers for the local friends' organization.  Her blog (above) details the works of her craft, and also has links if you care to buy any.
Erratic Sewer and Crafter
Yes, I know:  Kari hasn't updated her blog in some months.  I don't care, it's full of fun, creative ideas, and I know how busy she is, so I'm bucking the "constant content required" trend and linking her awesome blog.  Kari makes great, creative period costumes, riffs on period costumes, some amazing art, and the best strawberry brandy jam you'll ever taste.

Hippo on the Lawn
Tom is a British ex-pat living in Angola, with some great culinary skills acquired the hard way (in actual battle), and a perspective on life from which we all can draw inspiration and knowledge.  This blog is a narrative of things going on in his life in Angola, a very fascinating read.  He also has a blog (Cooking in the Front Line) with some great recipes and amazing stories.

Suburban Bushwacker
My first oversees blog acquaintance, SBW (as he is known in virtual reality) has a goal:  To take an elk with a bow and arrow.  His blog is his journey, as he puts it, "from fat boy to elk hunter."  I'm still wondering if he means a moose, but that's for another time.  His writing is witty, the products he reviews show that he has an eye for craftsmanship and things of functional beauty (he really should buy a strap from Annie!), and if you are ever interested in reading English as it is blogged by the English, his is a great place to start.

Last, even though she's been on my blog list for a while now, I wanted to point out that Holly at NorCal Cazadora is selling some beautiful photos of feathers.  Definitely check them out, they are amazing!

I keep my blog list short, and haven't really branched out much in my reading, either, though I've found Phillip's and Albert Rasch's lists particularly intriguing and informative.  I don't plan to have a huge list, because I can't keep up, frankly.

If you get a minute, or if you have an eye for quality writing and crafts, then please click over to one of my friends.  I get no money from these promotions, either (yet...)


Hippo said...

Damn. Now I am going to have to start posting again, especially on Cooking in the Front Line.

I have just knocked together a mean lasagne for the family so I will write that one up while it is still fresh in my mind (I don't use recipes, I just throw something together based on the ingredients to hand).

I have to confess that I find writing up recipes about as exciting as a party political broadcast and any photo I take of my prepared dish makes it look like cow fodder so maybe I should go the video route. Given that my video camera still uses tape, though, I might need to upgrade...

Thanks for the nice comments and thanks again for asking after me when I was sick. I am much recovered now and am catching up on all your blogs.

Josh said...

Hippo, I'm just glad you are back on your feet.

As for writing recipes, Hank does a great job; I always post it, re-read it a week later and think, "what the hell is that?"

As for the video, I cheat. I have a good friend who is a videographer, so I didn't buy anything.

If you want to go a multi-purpose route, consider getting (online, if you can) a mid-range Canon or Kodak camera. We've found that ours gives really nice video, too - complete with image stabilization.

I can't wait to read your next post.

troutbirder said...

Interesting collection! Thanks for sharing.

Josh said...

Troutbirder, thanks for stopping by. Tell you friends!

Mr. Fashion House said...

Thanks for the "shout out", to use the vernacular. We too will have to update more now.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Very kind of you to give me a mention, and even kinder to describe me as witty. Just ask the Ex Mrs SBW - it soon wears off!

PS Hunting 'moose' means something very different where I come from.
PPS I just read about Annie's straps on Alberts blog and was thinking the same thing myself.

Josh said...

Mr. Fashion House and SBW, I'm happy to pass along great sites to my five or six readers. Just remember my royalties.

SBW, what does "moose" mean? I mean, I've seen the episode of Jeeves and Wooster, too, but I'd love a clarification. What's the scientific name?

I'm tickled pink to see Annie's stuff up at Albert's!

Bumbling Bushman said...

A good list. Thanks Josh. And I too want to see Hippo do some more posting at Cooking in the Front Line. C'mon Tom!

Josh said...

And another for the Hippo! Good luck, man.