Sunday, January 2, 2011

Birthday party!

© 2011 Joshua Stark

Today, we throw a birthday bash for my wife, and also her brother's wife, who share the same birthday (tomorrow).  Sadly for the sis, this will be the first year that she is older than her sister-in-law...

I'm orchestrating the dinner, which is almost perfectly akin to herding cats.  I love it, however, I really do.

The main course:  Oven fried chicken.  Some good sides (smashed potatoes, hummus, a pasta).  For dessert, I'm making a chocolate cake and a four-sweets acorn cake (it went over that good, Hank, thanks!), and one grandpa is making pio quinto.  Can you, from the meal you read here, determine my family's origins?  Hint:  It's more than one.

I'll let you know how the shindig went down, hopefully with a couple of pics.


Hippo said...

Give the birthday boys and girls my best wishes from Angola.

I had no idea what Pio Quinto was so I looked it up.

Nicaraguan rum cake... It looks divine and would go down a treat here.

Josh said...

Thanks, Hippo! Yeah, pio quinto is about the best dessert I've ever tasted. The version I know is always prepared with Flor de Cana, but any nice rum should work.