Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmastime and homesteading

© 2010 Joshua Stark

Christmas is coming, that time of year cherished by the homesteader.  Nearly everybody loves the holidays, of course, but to the person who owns a Storey's Guide or subscribes to something like Grit or Countryside, this time of year is especially special.

This is the time when people trot out their wares, especially those things that have been given good reviews by family and friends.  Baked goods, preserves, liqueurs, and various crafts all get passed around.  In fact, sometimes it seems like the previous year was a testing ground for the year's Christmas gifts.  Smidgens and tastes brought around, little mental notes taken by artisans at the looks and comments made by the unsuspecting test-subjects.

This year is especially tight at our little house on the marsh edge, but we've also been blessed with some skills, and with family and friends who are usually happy to get what we offer.  From knitting to canning to some woodworking, we'll be pulling out all the crafty stops to help fill our loved ones' stockings.

Any suggestions for quick-but-nice gift ideas are always welcome here.  

If a close friend or family, take a close look...

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