Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please welcome my baby boy to the World!

© 2010 Joshua Stark

Ruben Antonio William Stark, born last Friday; our newest member!  Both Mama and baby are fine.

What an amazing experience.  Simply amazing.  I am thankful and exhausted and often emotionally overwhelmed.

Now the adventure begins:  Two children.

I am truly blessed, the happiest Dad ever.

: )


Hippo said...

Hi Joshua,

my aplogies for being so far behind but belated congratulations to you and your wife on the latest addition to your family, 'mini-me Agrianista ver 2.0'

I expect to see photos of the new, better looking Cabbage Patch kids on your blog soon.

My little cabbage patch monster, Alexander (aged two) is bored with his dad typing away and, evidently having been in my toolbox has just stabbed me in the leg with a Phillips screwdriver so I had better go back out into the garden with him and finish screwing those frames together.

The very best wishes to your and your happily growing family.

Tom (Hippo) Gowans

Josh said...

Thanks, Hippo! Better late than never.

Your little one sound simply adorable! : ) My three year-old has moved on from simple physical brutality to guilt and guile... bet you can't wait for that!