Saturday, May 15, 2010

What's coming together, and what needs to be done...

In the backyard, that is.

Well, here's a pic. of the pond that has been taking an inordinate amount of my time - plus the raised beds and other projects either in the works, or on the list:

First, the raised beds are all built, except for the potato bed, which is only half-built (it's the pile of straw on the left edge of the picture).  The pond edge is done, too, except for some rock-filling.  The back fence has been cleared of ivy, and I've planted the sierra currant and put some other flowers back there with it.  The boysenberries (on the trellis next to the grass bin) just need watering, and though you can't see them, the pomegranate is bright with big flowers, reminiscent of a flamenco dancer's dress.

The pond still needs a water feature (to appear on its left side in the pic).  The raised beds, boysenberry and pomegranate need their irrigation dug (the black pipe coming out of the pond).  The workshop in the background needs to be cleaned out (the remains of my huge mistake of storing walnuts in there last Winter), and the lawn needs to be seeded.  Last, I need to add plants to my raised beds.  Any suggestions?

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