Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring cleaning! and building, and digging and...

© 2010 Joshua Stark

Well, one week later than I'd hoped to start, I was able to get into the back yard and work on some issues I'd put off during the weather.

The biggest task was cleaning out the ducks' run, which I accomplished although both ducks and children are extremely interested in digging, and constantly jockeyed to get right in front of me.

I'd read in Dave Holderread's amazing book, "Raising the Home Duck Flock", to leave the run over winter, adding hay every couple of weeks, instead of cleaning it out.  I did so, and beneath a half-inch or so of slimy hay, I found the wonderful humus he'd promised:

Over in the garden section, I placed that stuff, along with the old hay from inside their house, into the new raised bed I'd built.  Here are the two 8x4 raised beds:

Next, I hope to finish my duck pond, and install a potato bed using only hay.

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