Monday, January 12, 2009

A Big New Year

© 2010 Joshua Stark

Kicking off 2010, our family has decided to make some pretty monumental changes to our behaviors and goals. On the garden front, this involves a makeover that will, hopefully, conserve water while putting us on track for a day's worth of food per week from our soil and ducks. Just think about it: Cutting 1/7th of your food bill & knowing exactly where your food came from and how it was handled.

We won't achieve this lofty goal, I'm sure, until midsummer, because we don't have a single thing in the ground (besides the trees and berry, of course), and this is due to a huge transformation of the garden area currently taking place. Among other things, we are moving to walled raised beds, and I am installing a permanent duck pond to replace the kiddie pool they currently use. The new pond, though larger, should improve our water conservation by its design, which I hope will allow only a quarter to a third of the water to be changed each day. In addition, we may add another, duck-prohibited water feature, where we would grow duckweed to supplement their feed, and possibly have a small waterfall.

Right now, the yard has gigantic, muddy spots, and looks lumpy and ravaged... well, here's a pic:

The reason I'm showing you is because this should be transformed into something pretty and in fairly short order, and I'd like to use it as blog fodder.

Happy New Year!

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