Monday, August 31, 2009

My first fancy-pants sounding meal

The other night, I made spicy turkey patties with blackberry-mango chutney, cheddar cheese drizzled in fig preserves, buttered-and-roasted green beans with wax peppers, and toasted Micaela's tortillas (best flour tortillas ever sold in a store).

I also discovered that, although considered fancy, chutney seems to be just leftovers from making infused vinegars. At least, mine is. I strained out my steeping blackberry vinegar, and used the chunks, per a paraphrasing of the 18 Century cook here, as a base for my chutney. I added some mangoes, sugar, and spices(?) and cooked them down a bit, then put 'em in a jar. I didn't 'can' in the traditional sense, as I plan to eat this over the next couple of weeks.

The tastes went really well together, and I was pleased. It's a very mild chutney, and probably could have used a bit of spicing up with some red peppers or chili flakes, but I liked it very much.

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