Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ducks grow freakin' fast!

And that's the truth!

My three ducklings, which we have yet to name (other than the Three Sisters, which I don't even know is technically true) are growing and growing. Almost two weeks old, they still live in our living room, but they have already started making an accounting of themselves (in honor of Edward Kains) by eating slugs and dandelions on excursions into the backyard and composting greens, slugs, and feed into great fertilizer almost instantly (and seemingly in larger quantities than they ate!).

However, their growth rate is so fast, I can no longer conceive of a day when they will stop growing. I imagine three duck versions of Clifford the Big Red Dog sticking their giant heads into our bedroom and filling it with thunderous "peeps!" I also can't imagine them quacking, yet.

Here are a couple of photos to explain my growing issue:

One day old...
And today...

And, for the record, their living quarters get completely changed out every day... today's picture is less than 18 hours after a complete changeout of straw.

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